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At GreMa3D we can design and create your model with a unique design or you can provide us your model in STL, OBJ, AMF or any other file you prefer which we will print. The company has several FDM printers and DLP/LCD technologies and it has the ability to complete various orders simultaneously.

If the model needs machining, we do not stop at just printing it. Our company has a team and machines processing metals and non-metals. Turning, milling, drilling and other operations complete the model.

Every idea, every project or model is the result of non-stop, intellectual and physical work that we respect. Confidentiality will be our priority, and to make you feel comfortable and safe sharing your project with us we will provide you with an NDA or use your own confidentiality agreement that we will sign at the outset.

Send your model to the e-mail provided in our online store and get a offer.

Share your idea and we will help you design and create it together.

Why use such technologies?

3D printing is suitable for rapid prototyping and production of small and medium production runs, architectural designs, machine and or automotive parts, prototypes or finished models, as well as unique gifts for our special people and business clients. Nowadays the possibilities are great. Printing gives everyone the chance to get what they want in a short time from different materials. A major plus is the possibility of printing with biodegradable environmentally friendly materials.

What is FDM and DLP technology?

The beginning of both technologies starts after the model created with a CAD product is "sliced" into layers with special software and code is created and loaded into the printer where the future model is built.

- FDM technology creates its objects layer by layer. A "dance" visible to the eye where the material to be printed passes through a pre-heated extruder applying molten filament onto a work platform. Recent generations of printers have made significant improvements in surface layers, with individual layers barely noticeable to the naked eye. Depending on the material used, this technology provides the ability to build high strength models. The most commonly used materials are ABS, PLA, PET-G, ASA, TPU, and many others.

- DLP technology works with a matrix whereby the photopolymer layer is illuminated by UV light and cures the material layer by layer on a work platform. With this technology, the end result has impressive surface layer performance at the expense of low pattern strength relative to FDM technology. Printing allows you to be accelerated and covers a large area of the layers as the entire photopolymer layer is illuminated at the same time. A major advantage over all other technologies.

Types of resins used: flexible resins, rigid resins, dental resins, resins for fusible patterns in metal casting, etc.

Who uses this technology?

3D printing is used by engineers, architects, designers, animators, dental technicians, in the field of surgery, jewelers, archaeologists and others. Almost every industry segment in the world has a need for this technique.

Realized entirely by GreMa3D.


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