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3D Modeling

Every project starts with an idea that it is planted in our mind and grows.

In order for a desired product to be printed, it must first be modeled virtually. Modeling is not part of printing, modeling is needed to visualize your idea. This can add to or take away from the model in its "infancy", using a software program , in which a 2D or 3D model is built.

At GreMa3D we know that not everyone has the production facilities, machinery and skills to use them. In many cases most people don't even need that. What is needed are people with ideas pushing society to move forward and evolve.

At GreMa3D we have made sure to create these conditions. We will help you, and turn your ideas into reality. With us we will design and modeling your model or project with a unique design, which we can subsequently manufacture in different metals and non-metals or print with our printers, with FDM and DLP technologies, and we have the ability to execute different orders simultaneously.

If the models or projects need machining we do not stop at just modelling and printing. Our company has a team and machines machining metals and non-metals. Turning, miling, drilling, cutting, welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the possibility of casting the model from non-ferrous metals, painting, laser engraving and other operations completing your project completely.

Every idea , every project or model is the result of round the clock, intellectual and physical labor that we respect. Confidentiality will be our priority, and to make you feel comfortable and safe sharing your project with us we will provide you with an NDA or use your confidentiality agreement that we will sign at the outset.

Send your model to the e-mail provided in our online store and get a quote.

Share your idea and we will help you design and create it together.

What is 3D modeling?

3D modeling is a technique in computer graphics that serves to produce a 3D digital representation of an object or surface. In modeling, special software is used to manipulate points in virtual space. These points are called vertices. This forms a grid: a collection of vertices that form a 3D digital object, or 3Dgrid for short. The vertices of the 3D grid are joined as polygonal shapes. Most often, this is done with triangles or quadrilaterals. Each point or vertex has its own position, on the grid, and by combining these points into shapes, surfaces of an object are created.

Who uses this technology?

3D modelling is used by engineers, architects, designers, animators, dental technicians, in the field of surgery, jewellers and others. Almost every industry segment in the world has a need for this technique.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact us using the contact form.

Examples of our completed projects. Modeled, constructed and implemented entirely by GreMa3D.


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